About EWSA

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EAST WEST SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, a proud limb of East West Group of Institutions, established with the prime motto to serve the best quality based education in the field of Architecture & sustainable development of our society, the campus is advantageously located in a well-known green city of Bengaluru and has an extensive vicinity of 20 acres of land surrounded with congeal and pleasant learning atmosphere.

The EAST WEST GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, a well known and a prominent educational institutions under the banner SUBRAMANYA EDUCATION SOCIETY [R], crowns an absolute place among the top colleges in Bengaluru. The institutions was founded by a philanthropist and a social worker Shri. C M NAGARAJ in 1968, seizing the limelight as a vision for its reputation in the realm of Architectural education. Today, the institutions have become the treasure house of knowledge to enthusiastic student community across the globe. EWGI upholds its unflinching recognition in all respects of academics and is celebrating 50th year of academic excellence, honing the life of every student with a code of conduct.

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About Founder

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Founder Chairman [EWGI] & Former Mayor of BBMP Shri. C M Nagaraj deserves the due respect of immortals for he lives and reigns in the hearts of many through his service and passion by education. He founded East West Group of Institution in 1968 with an extreme vision to propose quality based technical education to those who were depressed due to poverty, social status and many other causes. He had commissioned to bring equal opportunity for students who come from rural background.

Though he could intensely forecast the less advantaged aspects of establishing an institution in rural setting, he vowed to start one in a peaceful place far away from the hustle and bustle of city. Today, the Institution is driven by his son Sri. C N Ravi Kiran, Chairman-EWGI, following the footsteps of his father.

Greetings from Chairman

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“Where there is a Will there is a Win”. As the great saying goes, it has been our sole motto to help our students to realize their goals & reach their desired destiny in this highly competitive world. We provide an extremely conductive environment to enrich the personality of our students & enhance their skills by providing the best of opportunities. Preparation can mean the difference between Winning & Losing.

“If you want to shine like sun, first you have to burn like that”. Our vision is to work for the holistic development of our students. We provide our zealous students the right impetus to achieve success in their academic pursuits & quest for knowledge. Our enthusiastic teaching fraternity has been successful in nurturing personalities to transform juveniles into responsible citizens thus contributing towards society. Our unique approach to education has rewarded us with rich dividends.

Greetings from Secretary

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Architecture is not just about a few mandatory courses and elective programs, it is a process intended to bring about transformation in your perspective and is about giving you new thoughts, new visions and new ambitions with scientific approach. With Liberalization and Globalization, the India corporate sectors felt the need to reposition itself, quickly in order to effectively respond to emerging competition and also exploit the opportunities.The new challenges will not be surmounted with yesterday's concepts and the day before yesterday's strategies and technologies but rather with our ability and thinking futuristic and redefining our action plan for today.

To cater to this requirement, we aim to live up to our mission to groom young future architects to be complete, value driven human beings and competent professionals with global outlook and capable of functioning in cross functional teams.

Director's message

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In the age of globalization, to build a truly different institution for architectural studies in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with a marked difference in quality to serve the local people in global arena. Our aim is to build an effervescent community of Architects, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education system and engrossed in learning. We actively seek to engage our adjacent associates from research and educational institutions, to contribute in teaching & learning process by sharing their proficiency and practices gained outside of the classroom.

However, advances in the fields have resulted in significant developments in sustainable design approach, which in return, has had a tremendous impact on our society and built environment. We are trusted to nurturing juvenile minds and preparing them for the upcoming challenges. The doors of our faculty members are always open for any student who seeks help & guidance to develop their own proficiency.

About Dean

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Syed Athiq Shiraj is a Post Graduate From UVCE, and had done B.Arch from BMSCE, Bangalore university. He Has over 16 years of experience in the field of Architecture profession and academics. He is involved in strategic and operational advice in planning, design, management and implementation of sustainable, eco- friendly and energy efficient Architectural, Interior Design and Landscape projects.

His strength lies in processes, organization, people skills and risk management required to manage complex Architectural Design and Turnkey projects.He aims at deciding between competing requirements and priorities at a Warranted Price, easy maintenance and time lines.

He chooses the project objectives and plans including project pitching, delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, statutory approvals, setting performance requirements and selecting project participants based on competence and resources.

Dean - Academics

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Our system of education is not directly concerned with changing the political and economic conditions which are responsible for the war but it is our duty to propagate right ideals. If men make history, ideals make men. What is our objective with regard to the training of youth? We are to prepare them for good virtues life. We send young men to colleges, to enrich their knowledge. Will our systems of education be based on ideals that help us to create a new and better order of society.

Human kind sees in education as an indispensable asset in its attempts to attain the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice and as an instrument for reducing poverty, exclusion, ignorance and oppression. Education policies are being pushed to the bottom line of the agenda for economic and financial reasons. It is the aim of education to train us to apprehend the eternal values, to appreciate the supreme human virtues and the simple decencies of life.