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Director-Admissions | Dr. Purushotham B


In the age of globalization, to build a truly different institution for architectural studies in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with a marked difference in quality to serve the local people in global arena. Our aim is to build an effervescent community of Architects, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education system and engrossed in learning. We actively seek to engage our adjacent associates from research and educational institutions, to contribute in teaching & learning process by sharing their proficiency and practices gained outside of the classroom.

However, advances in the fields have resulted in significant developments in sustainable design approach, which in return, has had a tremendous impact on our society and built environment. We are trusted to nurturing juvenile minds and preparing them for the upcoming challenges. The doors of our faculty members are always open for any student who seeks help & guidance to develop their own proficiency.

We believe that education is not about mere imparting knowledge but more about opening the student’s mind to self-expression. It is our aim to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field. Together we will have to move along, as we all sincerely believe to REACH HIGHER.